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Accessibility means access to information without limitation because of disability or handicap.

Thus, in this Ministry, we have developed this website thinking about those people who may have problems with hearing, vision or mobility, who may have difficulty reading or understanding, can not use the keyboard or mouse or can have a text reader only , a small screen or a slow connection.

In the belief that accessibility is not only of interest to people with disabilities but also improves access to the web in general, this site has been designed from the point of view of the user, minimizing load times and enhancing information textual versus the use of images.

Last Page status: 23/10/2015. Level reached: Priority 1 and 2 of the norm UNE 139803:2012.

You can contact the administrators of this website, for accessibility issues, by sending an e-mail to: sgtic-web@holameyss.es.